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RCBS Sale!

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297 Custom "Master American Press" SALE - Custom "M.A.P Master American Press" for reloading.  This press has 2 spindles that may easily be adjusted indenpendently of each other.  Your dies are help in a precision die holder which are easily adjusted with .001 graduations on the die holder. These graduations are spaced far enough apart to allow you to adjust less than .001.  Lubricate all moving parts regularly with a few drops of Kroil.  There is a .25 hole in each side of the body, this is accessable with a 1/16 allen wrench to change shell holders. Use RCBS shell holders as shell holders are not created equally.  Thumb screws on each side are the locks to hold the die holders in place after it is adjusted. Please note that very little torque on the thumb screw is needed to securely lock the die holder in place.  The press handle is held on the press with a thumb screw.  If you have trouble bumping shoulders with repetition consider annealing cases each time you load, case hardness greatly changes spring back.  $495.00 + shipping! 297 In Stock $495.00
9092 RCBS Advanced Powder Measure Stand SALE 6273 In Stock $18.70
9311 RCBS Case Lube - 2oz SALE 6178 In Stock $3.00
87310 RCBS Case Master Gauging Tool SALE 6250 In Stock $105.40
98923 RCBS Chargemaster Combo 120 Vac SALE 1320 In Stock $344.00
98940 RCBS Chargemaster Lite 120/240 Vac International SALE 6172 In Stock $207.00
9287 RCBS Explorer Plus Reloading Kit SALE 6703 In Stock $358.90
90200 RCBS Hand Priming Tool SALE 6247 In Stock $36.30
87460 RCBS Partner Press SALE 6181 In Stock $72.00
9089 RCBS Powder Trickler-2 SALE 6246 In Stock $17.70
98945 RCBS Rangemaster 2000 Electronic Scale SALE 6175 In Stock $103.50
9356 RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press SALE 6173 Backorder $148.00
9290 RCBS Summit Press SALE 6249 In Stock $186.30
9291 RCBS Summit Press Short Handle SALE 298 In Stock $13.80
90201 RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool SALE 6248 In Stock $54.60