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Reloading Scales

Mfg # Name Item# Status Price Qty
50109 Hornady Balance Beam Scale 26365 In Stock $60.90
50108 Hornady Electronic Bench Scale 1500 Grain 14445 Backorder $84.60
50107 Hornady Electronic Scale 1500 Grain 9900 Backorder $26.80
7750700 Lyman Micro-Touch 1500 Compact Electronic Reloading Scale SALE 1252 In Stock $54.00
7750718 Lyman Pro-Touch 1500 Professional Desktop Touch-Screen Reloading Scale SALE 7750718 In Stock $72.00
99107 Redding - Powder Measure Accessories - RS-1 & No. 2 Scale Pan SALE 6737 Backorder $5.60
2000 Redding Model No. 2 Master Powder & Bullet Scale SALE 4667 In Stock $78.40
2075 Redding No. 2 Scale Pan Hook Assembly 4669 Backorder $7.30
1210N Tanita 1210N Professional Mini Digital Scale SALE - PROFESSIONAL scale that weighs in carat, gram, troy ounce, or grain. Draft-eliminating features to remove even the slightest effects from air drafts. Tare and calibration functions, stability indicator, energy saving auto power-off, and a low battery indicator. Includes an AC adapter so you can operate the scale without battery power, a soft case, gem cup, and 20g calibration test weight. A professional accuracy level of 0.01 carat is achieved for a total capacity of 100 carats, and the 1210N does not to be calibrated each time the scale is shut off. 3348 Backorder $199.95
KP-601 Tanita Professional Scale Model KP-601 SALE - PROFESSIONAL scale that weighs in carat, gram, ounce, troy ounce, penny weight, or grain - offering convenience and accuracy 12704 In Stock $229.95