About Us

We are family owned and operated for nearly 50 years! Lester Bruno started this business in the 70s in Pennsylvania, he then moved to Arizona in the 90s. His 2 children, Amy and Jason, also moved here in the early 2000s to help the business grow and succeed. Amy’s husband, Paul, along with Jason’s 2 children, Jessica and Troy, joined the crew and the rest is history!

Our History

In addition to running this business with his family, Lester Bruno is a seasoned benchrest shooter. Not only is he in the benchrest hall of fame, he has a long history of benchrest match wins, has broken world records, and still holds the Cactus Classic trophy! Along with his incredible history in shooting, he is a very talented gunsmith. He can build you a top notch beautiful custom rifle with components such as BAT actions, Krieger barrels and McMillan stocks. He also keeps the best of the best products in stock. Whether it is reloading components, equipment, optics, parts, ammunition, or even cleaning supplies you are looking for, you will find all top notch quality at Brunos. Lester and the family are ALWAYS happy to assist with any and all questions you may have regarding this sport. If you are looking to get into reloading, or competitive shooting like benchrest or f-class, look no further! You’ve already found the right place. Welcome, we are glad you’re here.