Fathers Day Sale is LIVE!

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Due to high demand, shipping and delivery times are not guaranteed. We are pumping orders out as fast as we can, but please do expect shipping delays!

Inventory is not guaranteed. Our website cannot always keep up with adding and subtracting inventory with the high traffic it is experiencing. Please note – if an item shows in stock, there is always a possibility thast it could be a mistake. Any out of stock items will be automatically removed from your order when we ship.

We bill all orders manually in house just in case there is an issue with shipping charge errors or an item that needs to be removed due to incorrect inventory. Once your order is pulled and packed, we will then charge the card.

We have no ETA on any products that show as out of stock. Unfortunately, no backorders at this time.

All orders will show as pending regardless of if they have shipped or not. This is a feature we are working on getting fixed. When your order ships, you will get emailed a tracking number, but, for the time being, your status will not change.