Targetize Personal Firearm Training System

Targetize Personal Firearm Training System
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Product Details

Targetize Personal Firearms Training System Motion Muzzle Sensor With Live Feedback and Correction App.

LEARN HOW TO SHOOT: The Ultimate Training Tool For Handgun Accuracy.

FITS ALL GUNS: Attach to any pistol with a rail. Designed for live fire AND dry fire on your firearm.

EASY TO INSTALL: Light wight, NO batteries needed, just charge via USB, easy to add to the gun and remove.

INSTANT FEEDBACK: Shoot better with real-time, data-driven feedback and corrections via APP, the app is user friendly and will help your accuracy on the spot.

TRAIN: Analyze strength and weaknesses. Professional corrective feedback in real time. Stability, precision and accuracy scores.

TRACK: Practice Muzzle movement control. Follow improvement and progress. Share your scores. shots, and grouping via App.

CHALLENGE: Test your skills in different scenarios. Compete to complete challenges. Train under stress if desired.

APP: Free Targetize App for Android/Apple phones or tablets.